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General Manager

Nicolle Vaupotic brings more than two decades of experience in Vancouver’s food & beverage industry and a genuine desire to share her love of hospitality with every guest to her role as General Manager.

She began forging a connection to the industry at a very early age, helping her parents grow a wide variety of Asian produce at their family farm in Richmond and supply them to beloved Chinatown restaurants like Foo’s and Canton House. She fondly remembers sitting down with her family for special dinners at those same establishments, seeing the camaraderie that existed between staff, and getting a first-hand sense of the type of hospitality that would light the spark for her eventual career.

At the age of 13 she dipped her toe into the restaurant industry while bussing tables at The Keg and never looked back. From there she quickly rose through the ranks via a variety of roles in serving and management, eventually leading to a job as Restaurant Manager and then Director of Food & Beverage Operations at Granville Island’s iconic Dockside Restaurant.

At Fable, she’ll help her fellow staff members evoke that same spirit of hospitality she first encountered in Chinatown all those years ago and work together to continue providing unparalleled guest experiences for everyone who visits the Michelin- Recommended Kitsilano restaurant.

“What has set Fable apart from the start aside from the food has been its people and their focus on service and hospitality,” says Nicolle, who also places a premium on helping to inspire and mentor the next generation of talent looking to prove their mettle in the restaurant industry.

“I love being a part of the continuing evolution of the hospitality industry in Vancouver. This industry is in my blood, and there’s nothing quite like the feeling of executing a busy service the right way and making sure all the moving parts are perfectly aligned.”

Head Chef

While he’s no stranger to Vancouver’s burgeoning food and beverage scene or its embrace of farm-to-table cooking, Matthew Villamoran views his latest role as Fable Kitchen’s Head Chef with reverence, calling it his “proudest moment” in a kitchen career that spans two decades.

“It’s an honour for me to be able to pay homage to what Fable has become over the past 10-plus years and continue building on its legacy as one of the city’s pioneering farm-to-table restaurants,” he says.

Born and raised in Ottawa, Villamoran first visited Vancouver on a whim in 1998 and was immediately struck by the stark contrast of the West Coast climate to his frigid and snowy home in Central Canada. After a year spent saving up his dollars, he made a permanent move to the West Coast in March of 1999.

He started his culinary journey as an expo and line cook at The Keg on Granville Island in 2001 and found a passion for cooking that eventually led him to enroll at the Dubrulle International Culinary and Hotel Institute. Degree in hand, he then embarked on an impressive run at some of Vancouver’s best-loved and acclaimed restaurants, including stints as Sous Chef at both Raincity Grill and Bao Bei, Chef de Cuisine at The Parlour and Executive Chef at Tractor.

It was during his time at Raincity Grill working alongside Executive Chef Robert Clark and CDC Jennifer Peters when he began to truly embrace the potential that BC’s farmers, fishers and foragers provide to plate and palate.

“It not only exposed me to the bounty of British Columbia but the passion and pride our local purveyors have, but taught me to appreciate the value of the relationships created with local farmers,” he says. “At Fable, I feel like I’ve come full circle and have free reign to showcase the amazing ingredients we have at our disposal year-round on the West Coast.”

the beginning

Every great story needs a beginning. Our story began with back in 2012. While competing on Season 2 of Top Chef Canada during the ever popular “Restaurant Wars” episode, Trevor bird came up with the name for the team’s farm to table restaurant concept: FABLE. The vision was born.

The perfect location was found that shared the vision of an open kitchen where the kitchen team could interact with guests while showcasing their talents. The next step was finding someone the vision could be shared with to help bring Fable to life. Where else, but online… “Chef looking for front of house partner”. Kathy Schleyer forwarded the ad to Ron MacGillivray. Trevor and Ron met for the 1st time over coffee.

After two hours of getting to know each other, the vision was shared. Within three weeks they took over 1944 west 4th Avenue and with a lot of help from friends and family Fable started to take shape. Exposed brick walls, wood beams reclaimed from the historic Cecil. Farm to table came to Kitsilano in 2012. Fast forward over ten years and Fable continues to deliver innovative and locally sourced meals.

the story continues

Like all other restaurants in the hospitality industry we had to adapt through the “pandemic” years. closures, stops, starts, cooking classes, staff and manager turnover. I feel it is always the journey that is most exciting and the challenge of reaching goals and milestones.

There have been many former staff, managers, suppliers that have helped shape fable over the years and getting the recognition by the Michelin guide was a testament to all those who helped along the way.

We are so proud to introduce super talented Matthew Villamoran as the new chef leading the next phase of Fable Kitchen. Nicolle Vaupotic is leading the front of house charge and will continue to deliver excellent customer service and execute the west side’s best cocktail program.

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