Chef’s Table Virtual Cooking Class

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Thursday, June 4th, 2020

$40.00 Per Person

We are going to teach you how to cook our canned Tuna, The class will feed 4-6 people. “Canned Tuna” has been on the Menu since Day 1 at Fable, Learn how the magic is done so you can recreate your own!

$15 of Proceeds to this event will be donated to the food coalition to help Vancouver’s most vulnerable population.



How it works

Sign up for the class, receive a shopping list of all the ingredients you need to reproduce our canned tuna. Follow the link and tune into a live cooking class hosted by Trevor Bird.  

What you can expect from this Virtual Cooking Class

High quality ingredients delivered right to your door before the event.

These will be all fresh and ready to use during our live event.

On the day of the event, you will set up your laptop or TV with our livestream in your kitchen. For about an hour and a half, we’ll go through step by step how to prepare the meal with all the ingredients in your box.

Feel free to ask questions and we’ll do our best to get to all of them during the class.

Will you not be able to join at the specific time? No worries! Just use the same link to see the recording at your convenience.

Feel free to add any extras to your order while you are checking out!

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$40.00 Per Person

Includes all the food you will be cooking delivered to your door.

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Trevor Bird

As a two time finalist on Top Chef Canada and Top Chef Canada All-Stars, Trevor Bird took entrepreneurial flight when he opened Fable in 2012! Trevor’s success did not happen overnight. Since his teenage years, Trevor has been obsessed with combining unique ingredients to create truly original dishes. Prior to Fable, Trevor worked at the prestigious Ottawa National Arts Centre, Jean George’s MARKET, & Daniel Boulud’s Lumiere. Shortly after opening Fable, Trevor met his beautiful wife, Maria, who was a guest at Fable. Together, they have a son named, Leonidas, and a dog named, Lizzie.