Virtual Cooking Experience

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Saturday , September 26

$75.00 Per Persons

Vegan Dinner with Backpack Buddies Charity Organization

Join us for a virtual cooking class hosted by Chef Trevor Bird and enjoy a gourmet three course vegan meal right from home.

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How it works

1. Sign up for desired class
2. Fable quality food gets delivered to your door
3. Log into our live stream class via email link
4. Become confident and kick ass in the kitchen.



To keep the class to one hour, we send you some food already prepped to cut down on time, But we do provide the recipes on how to make the food that does show up prepped.
It is an interactive cooking Experience live stream, over YouTube.
Go to Fablekitchen.ca and sign up for the class. Food gets delivered to your door a day or two before the class. Specific Instructions are emailed to you 2 days before the event, how to set up equipment you might need, and the rest is up to you!
We teach at a pace that even a beginner can follow along, we would not suggest doing it with a kid under 10, It could really slow you down.
It will be the funnest activity of your day:)
Our classes are geared towards 1-1.5 hours.
We will be cooking with high quality ingredients that may be intimidating or you may not know how to use, our chefs will make it easy to understand.
we are going to teach you how to multitask like a pro, basic cooking principles, tricks of the trade and how to run a tight kitchen set up.
Everything you need will be delivered in your bag.
The food will be delivered 2 days before or the day before your class
The costs will vary depending on ingredients and the class!
If your kids eat a small amount yes, if they eat a lot no, you know your kids better than we do!
A link for the class will be emailed a day or two before your class starts.
In the streaming app, there is a chat box, We will have a sous chef with us, That is waiting to answer all your questions. If there is a re=occuring theme, the chef will be notified and he will speak to all concerns.
We cut off 4 days before the class to get organized.
For now there are limited spots, once we are confident in what we are doing, we will open up to unlimited spots!
We are partnered with wineries around the world, We have access to some of the most unique bottles you can get and family reserves at different price points.
We always offer mocktails and sparkling should you want to drink something fancy.
Every class will come with dessert...Who doesn’t want dessert!
Depending on the class: 1 course 30-40min 3 course meal 1-1.5hours.

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Trevor Bird

As a two time finalist on Top Chef Canada and Top Chef Canada All-Stars, Trevor Bird took entrepreneurial flight when he opened Fable in 2012! Trevor’s success did not happen overnight. Since his teenage years, Trevor has been obsessed with combining unique ingredients to create truly original dishes. Prior to Fable, Trevor worked at the prestigious Ottawa National Arts Centre, Jean George’s MARKET, & Daniel Boulud’s Lumiere. Shortly after opening Fable, Trevor met his beautiful wife, Maria, who was a guest at Fable. Together, they have a son named, Leonidas, and a dog named, Lizzie.